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Smathers & Branson

SEC Football

SEC Football

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eople frequently debate whether the SEC is still the best football conference, but there's really no need for debate. The fact that people keep having this conversation over and over and over is proof positive that the SEC remains king of the hill when it comes to college football. But that's just one of many reasons it deserves to be celebrated.

If you're a Bama fan, you probably have a Tide belt. If you're a Georgia fan, you probably have a Dawgs belt. But unlike just about any other conference, when it comes to National Championships, the SEC supports its own. It's the SEC versus the world. This hand-stitched needlepoint belt from Smathers & Branson pays homage to that collegial show of solidarity with the SEC Needlepoint Belt. It's the perfect lifetime accessory for the guy who knows that football - and college - is just better in the Southeast.

  • Hand-stitched needlepoint belt
  • 1.25” in width 
  • Finished with full grain, chestnut colored leather and a solid brass buckle 


  • Supports a conference with claims to 38 NCAA Football National Titles
  • Allows you to support your school and pretend to support your Brother-in-law's school in one handy belt
  • The 5th best team on this belt could beat Notre Dame in a title game in any given year.
  • Features the strongest group of college towns in America

Each one of Smathers & Branson's needlepoint products is entirely handstitched and therefore each one is unique. Smathers & Branson uses only the best materials from around the world and thoroughly checks each belt to ensure that it is not only beautiful, but also durable enough to survive the test of time.

Smathers & Branson belts are 2 inches larger than your pants waist size. For example, someone whose pants have a 36 inch waist wears a 38 inch belt. When the waist is an odd size, increase the belt size by 3 inches (i.e. a size 33 wears a size 36 belt).

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